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Case Presentation : How South Africa Preserves and Projects Documentary Heritage from Disasters - 게시글 상세보기
Case Presentation : How South Africa Preserves and Projects Documentary Heritage from Disasters
작성자 ICDH 등록일 2022/12/02 조회 128
Warm Greetings from UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage!

Record is an excellent delivering channel for understanding the era and its culture at the time. In this regard, some of them with historical significance are called "Documentary Heritage," and we strive to preserve and use them to learn about the past.

However, many cases of neglecting and/or damaging Documentary Heritage still have been made despite an effort to preserve and use it. It does not mean materials damage. It means that a channel exploring the memory and culture of the era is shutting down.

In this line, ICDH strives to provide guidelines for Documentary Heritage at risk for all the states and agencies with potential risks. As the first step for this programme, ICDH invited professionals worldwide relating to the prevention and conservation of the collection as a contributor to the Guideline for safeguarding the endangered Documentary Heritage.

And this year's Guidelines focus on valuable sources against natural disasters.

Mr. Alexio Motsi shares his expertise and experiences with you, and his contribution will inspire you to build your disaster management plan for your organization. Please kindly find the attached contribution.

How South Africa Preserves and Projects Documentary Heritage from Disasters

By Alexio Motsi

Author’s introduction

Alexio Motsi is the Head of Preservation Management Services at the National Archives of South Africa (NARSSA) where his work includes collections care, risk and disaster management, conservation management, and digitization, amongst other things. He has 33 years of experience in book and paper conservation and preservation management. Alexio Motsi has been very instrumental in initiating the development of the National Policy on Digitization of Heritage Resources currently being developed by the South African government. Alexio Motsi has also led the development and manages the implementation of various policies and strategies for the NARSSA which includes Digitization Strategy,
Preservation Policy, and the current Disaster Management Plan. Currently he is charged with the development of the disaster management plan that will be applicable to the NARSSA and Provincial Archives across the country. Alexio Motsi holds an MSc in Archives and Records Management with the University of Dundee; Scotland and his dissertation was on Preserving Ancient Manuscripts in Hostile Environments”. He is also a Certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer by the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board. His keen interest is in developing preservation skills in the archival and library environment, with a focus on youth empowerment in areas such as conservation, disaster management, digitization, and collections care.

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