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Let's get inspired by MoW : Panji Tales Manuscripts 상세정보로 보도일자, 조회, 내용, 내용, 이전글, 다음글 제공
Let's get inspired by MoW : Panji Tales Manuscripts
Date 2023-08-16 Number Youtube6
Inscription : Panji Tales Manuscripts
Year : 2017
Owner/Custodian : Leiden University Libraries, National Library of Indonesia, National Library of Malaysia, National Library of Cambodia

Leiden University Libraries, The National Library of Indonesia, the National Library of Malaysia, and the National Library of Cambodia jointly nominate their collections of Panji manuscripts to be inscribed in the Memory of the World register. Below we present our collections and holdings of these manuscripts. To illustrate the significance, richness, and diversity of this documentary heritage, we include detailed descriptions of three Panji manuscripts from the collection of Leiden University Libraries. Originating from three Indonesian locations, composed in three languages, and using three different scripts, these three manuscripts can be considered as representative of all our manuscripts containing Panji tales. Panji means ‘prince’ and is also the name of the main hero of the tales. Originating from Java, the tales have been spread throughout Southeast Asia. They are found in at least eight languages with Javanese-Balinese, Javanese, and Malay being the most numerous. Panji manuscripts are kept in many major public and private collections over the globe. This is witness of their importance and international influence. Panji tales are an excellent example of global mythical tales with a specific local content. Through its main theme, the intricate and utmost perilous quest of a prince to get his princess, it is evidently part of mythic global narratives such as found in the Indian and western world. The local aspects clearly show aspects of many Austronesian myths of origin.  Panji tales have from the earliest beginning of scholarly interest in Indonesia been subject to academic studies because of their attractive literary and referential narratives.  Panji-tales and its discourse have had a great impact over the centuries and been inspiring for a long time, both for those active in the performing arts (literary works, authors, dance, wayang, theatre), their audiences, and academics who have developed many original and important ideas on its social function and global relevance.


협력 기관(링크) :School of Animation, ChungKang College of Cultural Industries 
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