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Manuscript of al- Zahrāwīsur
Manuscript of al- Zahrāwīsur - Post view
Region / Country - Arab Countries > Morocco
Year of Registration 2017
Possessing Institutions National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco
Management Institution National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco
Al-Zahrāwī, H̱ alaf ibn 'Abbās Abū al-Qāsim, known in the west as Abulcasis (936-1013?), was a distinguished Andalusian Arabic physician during the 11th century Umayyad era in Andalusia. 
"Al-Taṣrīf liman ‘aǧiza ‘an al-Ta'līf" is al-Zahrāwī’s most famous work in the field of medicine and surgery.  This work, for which he is most celebrated, is an encyclopaedia in three parts: the first deals with general medical information and theories, the second focuses on medical practice and the third on surgery. This master piece comprises thirty books: 
- 1st book: an introduction to general medicine 
- 2nd book on etiology, diagnosis and therapeutics 
- Book 3 to 27: on general pharmacology
- Livre 26: on diet
- Book 27: on drugs and food
- Book 28: on food preparation and preservation
- Book 29: on weights and measures, synonymies and substitutions 
- Book 30: on surgery and instruments 

The Bibliothèque Nationale du Royaume du Maroc (BNRM) (National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco) is nominating al-Zahrāwī’s 30th manuscript volume for several reasons: 
- It is devoted entirely to the subject of surgery. 
- It has influenced the work of surgeons in both the East and West for several centuries. 
- It is an important reference to the surgical profession. 
- It is the first work in surgical history to provide illustrations and explanations of surgical           
  instruments, many of which were invented by al-Zahrāwīsur himself. 
- It has been translated into several languages.