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Al – Mustamlah Min Kitab Al – Takmilat
Al – Mustamlah Min Kitab Al – Takmilat - Post view
Region / Country -
Year of Registration 2017
Possessing Institutions National Library of Algeria
Management Institution National Library of Algeria

The proposed manuscript  is a biographical dictionary which presents an ensemble ofAndalusian scholars selected for their fame at their time. It was written by the hand of Shams Al-dîn Abù 'Abd Allâh Muhammad b. Ahmad b. 'Uthman b. Kàymâz b. 'Abd Allâh-al-Turkumânî al-Fârikî al-Dimashkî al-Shâfi'î, Al-Dhahabi, the renonwed theologian and jurist acknowledged master of the science of hadith, he was also a great historian of Islam (Encyclopédie de l’Islam. T.II / p.221)

What catches the attention in this context is the fact that a scholar Mashraqné in Damascus, who traveled to Cairo, Alexandria and Mecca, is interested in biographies of Muslim scholars and personalities and this Andalusian, despite the distance between countries and political
disruptions that occurred from time to time, between Muslim and Mashraq Maghrab in this period.  He got to know the work of an Andalusian scholar who was born in Valencia has been the main Andalusian cities (Valencia, Cordoba, Denia and Murcia) and two large North African cities, Tunis and Bejaia). The work of abstract works is a tradition and Arab-Muslim specialty, the transmission of knowledge of a Maghreb to Turkmen shows both the circulation of books and interest in the cultural history of this period in the Muslim world. The majority of these works fall into universality by a translation in English, French and Spanish in particular.

This manuscript « Al–Mustamlah Min Kitab Al–Takmila », found in the National Library under the no. 1735, was not identified as a manuscript of the author Ad- Dhahabi, because it was for a longtime considered as lost, and so attributed by default to Ibn AL-Abbar(Al-Takmila). This identification was finally resolved on 2001, by Mr Amar Tamalt (Researcher at the Center Roi Faisal for the Islamic Research and Studies in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia since the year 2000).  Mr Amar Tamalt, is indeed a specialist in the recognition of anonymous manuscripts.  After the identification of the manuscript, all the researchers believed that this copy is not a part of the book of ’Ibn Al-Abbar (Al-Takmila).  Indeed, the orientalist D. Francesco Codera published it for the first time « Complementum Libri as-sila, à Madrid, Biblioteca arabicohispana, en deux volumes numérotés V et VI 1888-1889 », annexing it to the initial work of Ibn Al-Abbar (Meouak M. p145), without being aware that this manuscript belonged in fact to the Imam Al-Dhahabi. Subsequently, all researchers namely Mohamed Bencheneb and Alfred Bel (African review. (1918 No. 59 / p.306) and others have relied on the work of CODERA and the confusion started, thinking that the work of Al-Dhahabi belongs to Ibn Abbar.  After his discovery, the manuscript in question is subject to several in-depth studies, along with those who can be cited in the first printed edition of the manuscript «Al- Mustamlah  Min Kitab Al - Takmila » published in Tunisia in 2008 by Bashar Awad Marouf,  renowned researcher, expert in the writings of the Imam Al-Dhahabi,  whose experience is more than fifty years of research and exploration. Additionally, two printed editions came to confirm that the manuscript belongs to the Imam Al-Dhahabi: coming from the work of Haroune Ben Abderrahmane Boulakrinat al Bacha published in the Lebanon in 2008 and Ali Ben Ahmed Al - Kindi Al Marar published in Abu Dhabi in 2009.