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Boril’s Synodicon or of King Boril
Boril’s Synodicon or of King Boril - Post view
Region / Country - Europe • North America > Bulgaria
Year of Registration 2017
Possessing Institutions St.Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria
Management Institution St.Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria
The Boril`s Synodicon is the key document testifying about the anti-Bogomil Synod, convened by King Boril in 1211 in Tarnovo (Bulgaria). Compiled on the occasion of the Council, revised at the reign of Ivan Assen II and complemented in the late fourteenth century at the time of Patriarch Euthymius, it is a unique testimony of the official attitude against the heresies in Medieval Europe and of the liturgical use of this specific political and religious instrument in the medieval Slavic societies, as it influenced the Serbian and Russian redactions of the Synodicon. Dated to the reign of Ivan Shishman (1371–1395), it contains polyhronia, not known from other sources, to him, Queen Maria and Patriarch Euthymius. Besides the anathemas against priest Bogomil’s and other heretical teachings, the book contains beadrolls of high historical value with the names of Bulgarian rulers and clerics. According to its liturgical purpose, the copy is supplied with the unique Coronation Rite of a Queen. In addition to its historical importance, the bilingual manuscript serve in witness of the cultural influence of Byzantium, especially by its unique notated texts, a priceless testimony of spreading the Byzantine melismatic chant in the Balkans in the Middle Ages.