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The secrets metal in marine science manuscript
The secrets metal in marine science manuscript - Post view
Region / Country - Arab Countries > Oman
Owner Ministry of Heritage and Culture
Year of Registration 2017 Custodian Ministry of Heritage and Culture
"Maden Al Asrar Fi Elm Al Behar manuscript" is one of the most important marine Guides. It contains information on the rules of marine science, shipping using sailing equipment and their accurate calculations, description of the compass and its parts, identifying the ship route and latitude and longitude lines, tables of mileage, celestial bodies, drawings of some ports that he saw. There is no doubt that many of these ports have been abandoned and changed due to climatic factors and political, social and economic conditions. The author AlKhadury (1870 -1968) was a practiced sailing captain; he died at the age of 98 years old. He was a famous captain in Oman, India, Sindh, Malabar, East Africa, Comoros, Seychelles, and the Gulf countries, Persia, Iraq and others. He had written his manuscripts based on practice and experience as well as a theoretical scientific study. He brought together several sciences rarely found in one person such as mathematics, astronomy, maritime navigation science, meteorology, marine meteorology, monitoring and measurement machines use like the compass, square, astrolabe, sextant, ship speed measurement tool and others, geography and biology sciences, topography of sea beds and locations of ports.
Omanis are considered some of the masters of the seas. They invented the magnetic needle and devised new measurements of the star that were not known before. They fought the high seas on bold and historical journeys that impressed the world. The manuscript includes drawings of ships images and their direction on the latitude and longitude lines.