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Compendium of the Turkic Dialects - Diwan Lughat al-Turk
Compendium of the Turkic Dialects - Diwan Lughat al-Turk - Post view
Region / Country - Europe • North America > Turkey
Year of Registration 2017
Possessing Institutions Millet Manuscript Library
Management Institution Millet Manuscript Library
The unique manuscript of the Diwan Lughat al-Turk (“Compendium of the Turkic Dialects”) is a cultural treasure for the Turks of Turkey as well as for the Uzbeks, Uygurs and other Turkic and Iranian people of Central Asia. It is the richest source for the language and the ethnography of the Turks at a time (the eleventh century) when they were becoming the dominant military and political force in the Muslim world. And it is a remarkable document of Islamic civilization in the areas of grammar and lexicography, ethnography, and also cartography due to its inclusion of a celebrated “world map” showing the distribution of the Turkic peoples at that time. It is, in the words of S. Frederick Starr, “a ground-breaking language text … and pioneering work of cultural anthropology” (Lost Enlightenment: Central Asia’s Golden Age, Princeton University Press, 2013, p. 315). The manuscript is a gem, one of the most valuable books in the Istanbul libraries that house the world’s greatest collection of Islamic literature. It has been translated into English, Russian, and several Turkic languages. It provides the keystone to the modern discipline of Turcology. For all these reasons, it qualifies as a major world-heritage monument.