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The Tetraevangelion-palimpsest
The Tetraevangelion-palimpsest - Post view
Region / Country - Europe • North America > Georgia
Owner National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Year of Registration 2017 Custodian National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia
One of the biggest collections of the manuscripts is preserved at the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The special scientific project that proceeds for several years considers the detailed descriptions of the manuscripts, preserved at the archive using the modern standards. The part of the descriptions are already carried out and prepared for the publishing activities.
The Tetraevangelion-palimpsest is the unique manuscript, presented for the International Memory of the World Register.
The manuscript consists all three stages of the Georgian alphabet. The oldest layer is written in asomtavruli (the first stage): the upper chronological bound is the 9th century; the second and the third layers – in nuskhuri (the second stage), the 12th-13th centuries; and colophons – in mkhedruli (the third stage), the 13th-18th centuries.
The uniqueness of the manuscript is determined by several factors: 1. the different manuscripts are used for the upper layer; 2. the bottom layer is presented at least with two layers. The research of one of the oldest manuscript is still processed. 
The Tetraevangelion is among the rarest Georgian manuscripts that consists the three layered palimpsest sheets and all three layers are in Georgian. According to the data of the world’s all antiquity depositories, only several sheets of the documents of such kind reached to our days and they are discovered in the last period.