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International Register

  • 인쇄
The Royal Photographic Glass Plate Negatives and Original Prints Collection
The Royal Photographic Glass Plate Negatives and Original Prints Collection - Post view
Region / Country - Asia-Pacific > Thailand
Owner National Archives of Thailand
Year of Registration 2017 Custodian National Archives of Thailand
The Royal Collection being nominated, totaling almost 35,427 glass plate negatives and 50,000 prints, and covering a long and continuous period from 1855-1935, were previously preserved in 3 separate royal libraries of the original owners--: King Chulalongkorn, King Vajiravudh, and Prince Damrongrajanubhab.

In 1977, they were given into the care of National Archive in Bangkok. Here, temperature and humidity are controlled, and full time archivists work to preserve, catalogue, and provide print and digital access to the public.  Currently, 24,800 plates have been scanned for digital use, and 4,149 plates have been included in the National database. 

Experts from Chulalongkorn University confirmed the authenticity and value of the Collection, and a national committee set up last year has further analyzed the contents, and provided more detailed explanations.

The nominated Collection are important historical evidence featuring social, cultural, political changes and foreign relations activities of Siam, and its relations with the world.  The Collection depicts nationally and internationally important personalities, places, and events, from the age of western colonization in Asia which prompted Siam to examine its national identity and to reform its society, -- through the years of the First World War when Siam sided with the Allies and shared the victory, and the aftermath of the war including the worldwide political, social and cultural changes -- affecting Siam and leading to the dawn of its constitutional monarchy