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Documentary heritage is a common legacy that should be passed down to the next generations. The Centre’s main duty is to lay the foundation for safe, precious management of documentary heritage and secure it for future generations. 

Monitoring System Development for Memory of the World Inscriptions

Along with UNESCO, a scientific monitoring system for 432 Memory of the World (December 2019) inscriptions of 131 countries will be established. A system for reporting and sharing the results on a regular basis will be established to secure and preserve the documentary heritage designated as Memory of the World will be supported.

Response to endangered Memory of the World Inscriptions

Capture vulnerable preservation status or risk factors for the identified documentary heritage through the monitoring system established by the Centre. Secure initiatives in the Memory of the World field and establish a regular network with the possessing countries (organizations).

Support for Discovering Potential Documentary Heritage

The provisional list system is used to identify and systematically manage unlisted documentary heritages or documents with sufficient registered values after being applied for listing as a Memory of the World and to be recognized and inherited. Focus on thematic and civilized coalition documentary heritage that have influenced world history, rather than each country's records.

Bon-Digital Archives

Born-digital records are documentary heritages that are created in the form of electronic records. The website records the experiences of related individuals, witnesses, etc. as private memories that do not remain as document records for certain issues such as disasters, calamity, wars, and terrorism. They are posted and preserved as digital records such as photographs, videos, SNS and etc.