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The International Centre for Documentary Heritage under the auspices of UNESCO is
where the past and the present communicate with each other
through the documentary heritage and open a place for sharing with the world.

The UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage is the first international organization in the field of UNESCO's
documentary heritage established to promote safe preservation, management, and universal access to the world's heritage.

The documentary heritage is the precious memory of humankind, demonstrating the unique identity
of local communities and nations created in different ethnicities and diverse language environments.

The UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage is a platform that connects documentary heritage,
experts, and the world by providing programs such as a monitoring system for UNESCO
Memory of the World inscriptions, heritage capacity-building and awareness-raising, network building,
and heritage utilization and content development.

We will endeavor to contribute to the development of the international community
that understands each other and promotes peace through heritage.

Thank you.