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First Scholarly Colloquium of "From Jikji to Gutenberg" Project with Global Participation - Post view
First Scholarly Colloquium of "From Jikji to Gutenberg" Project with Global Participation
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In a momentous gathering, the inaugural Scholarly Colloquium for the "From Jikji to Gutenberg" project was hosted in the Library of Congress(Washington D.C.)on April 13th and 14th. Over 50 participants, including scholars, historians, conservators, and librarians from 10 different countries, gathered to delve into the captivating world of printing cultures. Organized by International Centre for Documentary Heritage(hereafter ICDH) under the auspices of UNESCO and the University of Utah J. Marriot Library with the support of the Preservation Department of the Library of Congress, this colloquium marks a significant milestone for the project.

The From Jikji to Gutenberg project aims to shed light on the similarities and differences between Eastern and Western printing cultures, offering valuable insights into the history and development of printing technologies. A team of esteemed researchers, including historians, scientists, and conservators, is actively involved in global conferences, symposiums, publications, and scientific experiments. Their ultimate goal is to publish an extensive catalog in 2026 and host a worldwide simultaneous exhibition in 2027.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication for project success, the in-person colloquium provided an opportunity for the team to plan a multi-venue exhibition dedicated to the invention of movable type printing. The exhibition is scheduled for 2027, coinciding with the 650th anniversary of the printing of Jikji. Additionally, a comprehensive catalog will accompany the exhibition. During the two-day event, participants presented their research, engaged in discussions, and had the privilege of exploring rare treasures such as the Gutenberg Bible, early Korean books, and 15th-century Korean movable type specimens from the Library of Congress collections.

The support extended by the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation(OKCHF) and the National Endowment for the Humanities(NEH) underscores the global encouragement fueling this inaugural face-to-face meeting. The Scholarly Colloquium is poised to solidify plans for the “From Jikji to Gutenberg” project, leading to the publication of a scholarly 400-page exhibit catalog and the coordination of multiple exhibits in libraries worldwide in 2027. This collaborative endeavor, involving global institutions and UNESCO ICDH, will effectively convey the profound historical significance of the ancient roots of printing to a broader audience.

The From Jikji to Gutenberg project continues to gain momentum, promising to uncover new dimensions in the history of human communication. By celebrating the shared heritage of diverse printing traditions from East to West, it invites us to embark on a captivating journey through the evolution of printing technologies.

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