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ICDH released the first MoW promotional video content - Post view
ICDH released the first MoW promotional video content
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ICDH released the first MoW promotional video content
On July 13, the UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage (hereafter ICDH) released the first Memory of the World (hereafter MoW) promotional video content celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the foundation.

ICDH produced the MoW promotional video content in collaboration with the science-specialized content channel 'Science with People(과학하고 앉아있네).' And the first selected MoW is "Nicolaus Copernicus' masterpiece 'De Revolutionibus libri sex" 
inscribed by Poland in 1999.

The "Nicolaus Copernicus' masterpiece 'De Revolutionibus libri sex"  is an interim manuscript between the draft and the complete work. One of the uniqueness this documentary heritage has is that this documentary heritage was hand-written by Nicolaus Copernicus himself. Therefore, we can find traces of modification and deletion of texts and even ink blots. These errors make this documentary heritage more special.

The Copernican theory being the most significant achievement in the history of natural science, Copernicus significantly contributed to the development of man's comprehension. The most critical factor in Copernicus' great discovery was the explanation of three astronomical phenomena and that he adopted the fact that the earth moves in three directions.

With the importance of the development of natural science, his new theory impacted global interest in questioning the anthropocentric approach concerning the universe.

Anyone interested in the content can access the full version at the website and Youtube channel of ICDH as follows:
ICDH website:
ICDH Youtube channel:
Science with People Youtube Channel :
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