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ICDH disseminates Korea's superior records management expertise to Africa - Post view
ICDH disseminates Korea's superior records management expertise to Africa
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ICDH disseminates Korea's superior records management expertise to Africa 
[UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage, Cheongju, Republic of Korea] | [30 June 2022]


On June 30, 2022, UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage(hereafter ICDH) launched the first ODA project starting with the host of the MOU signing ceremony for 'Republic of Korea-UNESCO spontaneous contributions' at the Seoul Repository of National Archives of Korea.
 - In the ceremony, important figures joined, including Chair of ICDH, Dr. CHOI, Jaehee, UNESCO Communication & Information Sector Assistant Director-General, Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, Côted'Ivoire ambassador to Korea, Head of the UNESCO Abidjan Field Office, etc. The ceremony was held in a hybrid method that runs online and offline simultaneously.

The ceremony was for "the Project for archives preservation and digitization of the Amadou Hampate Ba Foundation," National Archives of Korea attended and signed an MOU representing the Government of the Republic of Korea.
 - The project aims to categorize, preserve and digitize the African oral tradition collections Amadou Hampate Ba left for future generations.
 - The project will pursue continuous education and research of the African oral traditions and ensure universal access to digitized collections worldwide.
 - With the project's outcome, ICDH will proceed with the inscription of the Amadou Hampate Ba's collections as Memory of the World. Therefore, it will be a chance to discover documentary heritages and build friendly and cooperative relations with the African region.

In the MOU, the Government of the Republic of Korea and the UNESCO Secretariat agreed to reinforce the cooperation for preserving the endangered documentary heritage of the African cultures and inheriting them to future generations through Korea's record management techniques and UNESCO's international projects implementation expertise.

ICDH is the only UNESCO Category II institute in the documentary heritage in the world. It leads documentary heritage policies and projects with diverse international cooperation programmes, including preserving and protecting Memory of the World, discovering potential heritages, etc. Starting with the project, ICDH will consistently proceed with supporting projects for developing countries, such as discovering endangered documentary heritage and supporting the inscription as Memory of the World.


Press Contact Information
UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage:
Lee, Seungcheol, Director of Research and Development Division, unescolsc@unescoicdh.org
Lee, Sojung, Senior Programme Specialist of Education and Public Information Division, sjlee@unescoicdh.org

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