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ICDH hosts the online Kick-off Meeting for "From Jikji to Gutenberg" - Post view
ICDH hosts the online Kick-off Meeting for "From Jikji to Gutenberg"
Writer ICDH Date 2022/05/16 View 100
ICDH hosts the online Kick-off Meeting for "From Jikji to Gutenberg"
The UNESCO International Centre for Documentary Heritage (hereafter ICDH) held the Kick-off Meeting for the Project "From Jikji to Gutenberg" on May 12, 2022. In the meeting, 29 specialists and researchers from local and overseas project-related institutes presented.
The meeting’s agendas were addressed as follows:
  • Sharing the plan for the 1st Bridge Programme(May 17 to 25, USA)
  • Public Relation Plan for the Project
  • Establishing the plan for the 2nd Bridge Programme(July 20 to 30, USA)
  • Sharing major outcomes of the 1st UNESCO I teleconference
  • Establishing the plan for the Symposium in 2023 and the publication of the exhibition catalogue in 2025, etc

The Project "From Jikji to Gutenberg", the joint-research project by ICDH and J. Willard Library of the Utah University; almost 50 researchers and historians are participating in analyzing the cast-metal type printing editions of the east and west around Jikji and the Gutenberg Bible and researching the origin of the book printing and typing technique in the middle ages.
- In this Project, international prominent universities and organizations, such as the Library of Congress, Princeton University Library, Stanford University Library, UNESCO Secretariat, Gutenberg Library, etc., will research the cast-metal type in the east and west with a scientific and humanistic approach. It is expected to be a place for international discussions of the global printing culture in the middle ages.
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