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This is a bulletin board for ICDH NEWS and guides you on numbers, categories, titles, authors, registration dates, inquiries, and attachments.
No. Title Writer Date View Attached
9 ICDH hosts its 3rd Board Meeting ICDH 2021/03/23 186
8 ICDH holds its 1st Executive Board Meeting ICDH 2021/01/12 203
7 ICDH hosts its 2nd Board Meeting ICDH 2020/11/13 179
6 International Centre for Documentary Heritage opens its d... ICDH 2020/07/13 177
5 Learning about How to Register, Preserve, Manage and Use ... ICDH 2020/02/17 448 유네스코 세계기록유산 등재부터 보존.관리.활용방안 배운다.pdf
4 Korea-UNESCO Signs Agreement to Establish International C... ICDH 2020/02/17 291 한-유네스코. 국제기록유산센터 설립 협정 체결.pdf
3 Cheongju-si Successfully Attracts World's First Inter... ICDH 2020/02/17 305
2 Held an international workshop to strengthen UNESCO Memor... ICDH 2020/02/17 669 Capacity Building Workshop on UNESCO MoW.hwp
1 Korea successfully attracts UNESCO International Centre f... ICDH 2020/02/17 326 유네스코 국제기록유산센터 유치 성공.pdf