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This is a bulletin board for ICDH NEWS and guides you on numbers, categories, titles, authors, registration dates, inquiries, and attachments.
No. Title Writer Date View Attached
11 The 4th Board Meeting of ICDH ICDH 2021/12/16 3
10 The 1st UNESCO ICDH “Documentary Heritage” Webinar ICDH 2021/10/25 128 The 1st  UNESCO ICDH _Documentary Heirtage Webinar Programme detail.pdf
9 ICDH hosts its 3rd Board Meeting ICDH 2021/03/23 546
8 ICDH holds its 1st Executive Board Meeting ICDH 2021/01/12 391
7 ICDH hosts its 2nd Board Meeting ICDH 2020/11/13 301
6 International Centre for Documentary Heritage opens its d... ICDH 2020/07/13 273
5 Learning about How to Register, Preserve, Manage and Use ... ICDH 2020/02/17 536 유네스코 세계기록유산 등재부터 보존.관리.활용방안 배운다.pdf
4 Korea-UNESCO Signs Agreement to Establish International C... ICDH 2020/02/17 374 한-유네스코. 국제기록유산센터 설립 협정 체결.pdf
3 Cheongju-si Successfully Attracts World's First Inter... ICDH 2020/02/17 390
2 Held an international workshop to strengthen UNESCO Memor... ICDH 2020/02/17 733 Capacity Building Workshop on UNESCO MoW.hwp