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UNESCO Category-2 Centres based in Korea gather for their 2021 UNESCO C2C Network Meeting - Post view
UNESCO Category-2 Centres based in Korea gather for their 2021 UNESCO C2C Network Meeting
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▲ Moments of the  2021 UNESCO C2C Network Meeting

International Centre of Martial Arts (ICM), an international organization located in Chungju, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea, has hosted the 2021 UNESCO C2C (Category 2 Centre) Network Meeting on 10 March, at its new building (Otgatgil 73, Chungju, Chungbuk).

There are currently 5 C2Cs in the Republic of Korea, including ICM, which are APCEIU, ICHCAP, i-WSSM, and ICDH. GCIDA and WHIPC have also additionally been approved at UNESCO’s 40th General Conference.

Representatives and staff members including ICM Secretary-General Chang Hyun PARK, APCEIU Director Hyun Mook LIM, ICHCAP Director-General Gi Hyung KEUM, i-WSSM Director Yang Su KIM, ICDH Acting Secretary-General Misun NA, KNCU Secretary-General Kyung Koo HAN and those of GCIDA and WHIPC had participated in the event.

During the meeting, the organizations shared their project plans for 2021, sought opportunities for cooperation, and discussed a practical C2C consultative group.

ICM Secretary-General Chang Hyun PARK emphasized, “This will allow increased cooperation and new projects between C2Cs that have expertise in different fields, creating a diverse partnership towards ‘One UNESCO’.”

Chungju is currently under level 1.5 of the COVID-19 restrictions. The meeting was held in compliance with the restrictions to prevent the pandemic; less than 100 participants, distancing between participants, wearing masks at all times, temperature checking, using hand sanitizers, etc.

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