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The 2nd UNESCO ICDH "Documentary Heritage" Webinar opens - 게시글 상세보기
The 2nd UNESCO ICDH "Documentary Heritage" Webinar opens
Writer ICDH Date 2022/11/17

From November 21 to 23, UNESCO ICDH will host the 2nd UNESCO ICDH "Documentary Heritage" Webinar on ICDH youtube channel.
This year's webinar consisted of three regional documentary heritage professionals lectures.

Day 1 : Opening Remark + Latin America Session
 - The role of the Iberarchivos programme in safeguarding and disseminating the documentary heritage: indigenous peoples and the shared heritage of the colonial period in Ibero-America(Cristina Dias Martinez, Adriana Martin Moreno and Miguel Angel Bermejo Alonso/Iberarchivos)

Day 2: Asia Session
 - Steppe Routes Documentary Heritage(Alisher Ikramov/International Institute for Central Asian Studies)

Day 3: Africa Session
 - African documentary heritage and oral culture(Mame Omar Diop/UNESCO Abidjan Office)

All the webinar lectures will be streamed via ICDH website and ICDH youtube channel.

ICDH website:
ICDH youtube channel:

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