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International Register

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Asian-African Conference Archives
Asian-African Conference Archives - Post view
Region / Country - Asia-Pacific > Indonesia
Year of Registration 2015
Possessing Institutions The National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia
Management Institution The National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia
The Asian-African Conference (AAC) Archives is a set of documents, pictures and films related to the Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia, on 18 – 24 April 1955. The conference was the first international assembly of Asian-African nations, aimed to promote world peace and cooperation, and freedom from colonialism and imperialism. Initiated by Indonesia, Burma (now Myanmar), Pakistan, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), and India, the Conference was attended by 29 Asian and African countries.
The Conference is a historical landmark, setting path to the establishment of the NonAligned Movement, which served as a balance between two conflicting superpowers during the Cold War. The Final Communique of the Conference, popularly known as “The Ten Principles of Bandung”, recognized the urgency of promoting economic, cultural and political cooperation among and beyond Asian-African nations, and of achieving freedom. 
Documents, photos, films and journals related to the Conference are preserved at the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI). The archives consist of 37 files of 1778 pages textual archives, 565 sheets of photos, and 7 reels of film.
The AAC archives are a collective memory of 29 countries in that Conference, a highly valuable world heritage that should be shared.