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Autograph First World War Diary of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, 1914-1919
Autograph First World War Diary of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, 1914-1919 - Post view
Region / Country - Europe • North America > United Kingdom
Year of Registration 2015
Possessing Institutions National Library of Scotland
Management Institution National Library of Scotland
The First World War shaped the world throughout the 20th century, and profoundly affected the combatant nations in an unprecedented way. The war continues to resonate with researchers and the general public alike, and the role of the armies and the generals who led millions of men into battle, is a key component in its history. Field Marshal Douglas Haig commanded the largest British Army ever assembled, and for his role as Commander-in-Chief has become arguably the most controversial general in the Army’s history. 
Haig kept a diary throughout the war, and this iconic document forms part of his personal papers at the National Library of Scotland. The diary is of both national and international importance because it lies at the heart of the documentary evidence that has informed modern opinion on the First World War. Used by a succession of international scholars, it provides insight into how and why decisions were made, and of the interplay between Haig and other Allied generals. As undoubtedly the most detailed and extensive account kept by any senior commander during the war, the diary is unique. Written in these circumstances, it offers an immediacy that few documentary sources can in the day-to-day record of this cataclysm.