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Develop Content for Training and Use

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UNESCO encourages the spread of a culture that improves accessibility, understands value and preserves records, in its "Recommendations on the Preservation and Access to Documentary Heritage, including digital forms". In the form of completely preserving the documentary heritage and providing it as it is, there is a limit in the recognition of its value and meaning, and thus, there is a growing expectation for a complex role such as experience, education, tourism, and industry utilizing the heritage.

Educational Content Development

Develop and distribute educational content using IT technologies such as VR, AR, and MR. It can be used by global citizens, improves the accessibility of future generations and underdeveloped nations, and improves basic knowledge and understanding of documentary heritage.

Value-added Content Development

Collaborate with global IT companies, portals, and multinational companies on the basis of MoW DB and digital data established as a monitoring business to develop original technology specific to records heritage

Promotion of the 30th anniversary of MoW

Shortly after its launch, the 2022 MoW Program will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in order to raise awareness. There is a need for 30th Anniversary Exhibition, International Forum, etc. and publication of Memory of the World DB, Digital Materials White Paper, Professional and Institutional Directory is suggested.