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Building Information Hubs and Networks

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Develop content via driving exchange cooperation between national institutions by establishing a network of heritage sites on a new theme of subject across regional and / or diverse regions, and by coordinating joint listings of documentary heritage with high conflicts between countries. Create a virtuous cycle structure that expands project performance by making use cases.

Record Directory

Establish a variety of subjects related to records and heritage for use by UNESCO and experts in the field of documentary heritage. Establish 'record directory' information, publish and provide basic information to documentary heritage related organizations, libraries, universities, public institutions, and specialized companies.

Establishment of Record Digital Platform

It is an international record digital platform that can provide information to the whole world through digitalized documentary heritage by establishing a platform that integrates DB of various documentary heritage fields around the world, and will continue to promote the role of strengthening the Centre’s international status in the long term.

Standardize Record Digitization

Promote international consultation and standardization of digitalization required for the digitalization of existing records or the discovery and registration of digital records. Establish a bottom-up DB system environment that can be continuously upgraded and open to all.

International Record Forum

In order to succeed the UNESCO MoW Forum, which has been discontinued since 2012, it is necessary to promote an international 'record forum' with comprehensive access to the entire documentary heritage, MoW related policies, institutions and IT technology education. It presents approaches and alternatives to timely international issues related to documentary heritages

Publish a Newsletter

Issue regular online newsletters to provide timely information on the Centre’s policies, projects and events and international trends related to MoW. Operate as an online publishing system rather than a publication format for quick distribution to relevant organizations and professionals around the world.