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Reinforcement of Preservation and Utilization Capacity

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The most of the UNESCO Memory of the Worlds are centered on European and North American member states, with more than 80 countries that have never been listed. Currently, UNESCO is unable to support vulnerable areas with limited budget and personnel. It is the goal to contribute to the restoration of the regional balance of the MoW program by intensively growing the capacity of vulnerable areas for preservation and utilization of documentary heritage through related programs at the Centre.

Expert Training

Analyze documentary heritage DB and monitoring performance to operate capacity-building programs in areas where registration and management of record heritages is vulnerable. Professional training program is required to manage documentary heritage management personnel and records management system operators around the world to respond to environmental changes such as IT development and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Talent Cultivation

In cooperation with the departments of higher education institutions related to the management and preservation of documentary heritage at home and abroad, we conclude the business agreements and entrust the curriculum so that they can be linked to employment and major activities in the field of records heritage after graduation to motivate promotion of mutual understanding by holding cultural heritage youth cultural camps.