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International Register

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Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial arts
Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial arts - Post view
Region / Country - International Organization > Democratic People''s Republic of Korea
Year of Registration 2017
Possessing Institutions Grand People’s Study House (National Library of DPR Korea)
Management Institution Grand People’s Study House (National Library of DPR Korea)
Taekwon-do, the Korean martial arts of empty-handed self-defence which is widely introduced to the world, was originated from the traditional martial arts that had been created and developed by Koreans themselves.

Korean traditional martial arts were created during the period of Kojoson, the first ancient country founded in the early 30th century B.C by Tangun.

Koguryo dynasty (277B.C~A.D.668) was the strongest country in the middle Korean history which encouraged traditional martial arts like horse riding and archery inherited from the olden times.

The Korean martial arts gave some influence on the development of neighbouring countries’ with its long history and superiority. 

Mu Ye Do Bo Tong Ji, printed on April, 1790, is a comprehensive martial arts book that explains, with respective illustrations, the Korean traditional martial arts which became the origin of Taekwon-do, the international martial arts of today.

Its name “Mu Ye Do Bo Tong Ji’’ means a manual of martial arts with illustrations.

The books were compiled by the order of King Jongjo (1777-1800), the 22nd King of Korean Feudal dynasty and were also prefaced by him.

They explain various kinds of military arts such as fencing, spearmanship, cudgelling, horse riding and boxing with respective illustrations.

Most of the fighting methods in the books are based on the Korean traditional martial arts but they are also combined with Chinese and Japanese which constitutes the basis of the East Asian martial arts.

The books have significance in studying the Korean traditional martial arts, the root of Taekwon-do but also East Asian martial arts which is proud of its superiority as the cradle of martial arts in the world.