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Strategy & Objective

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Global professional organization that creates the future value and diversity of sustainable documentary heritage


Supporting international capacity building for effective preservation and universal access to documentary heritage of humankind


Joint cooperation and support of UNESCO and related organizations in the field of research, education and publicity


Documentary Heritage Monitoring Support

Documentary heritage is a common legacy that should be passed down to the next generations. The Centre’s main duty is to lay the foundation for safe, precious management of documentary heritage and secure it for future generations.

Along with UNESCO, a scientific monitoring system for 432 Memory of the World (December 2019) inscriptions of 131 countries will be established. A system for reporting and sharing the results on a regular basis will be established to secure and preserve the documentary heritage designated as Memory of the World will be supported.
Capture vulnerable preservation status or risk factors for the identified documentary heritage through the monitoring system established by the Centre. Secure initiatives in the Memory of the World field and establish a regular network with the possessing countries (organizations).Shortcut
The provisional list system is used to identify and systematically manage unlisted documentary heritages or documents with sufficient registered values after being applied for listing as a Memory of the World and to be recognized and inherited. Focus on thematic and civilized coalition documentary heritage that have influenced world history, rather than each country's records.
Born-digital records are documentary heritages that are created in the form of electronic records. The website records the experiences of related individuals, witnesses, etc. as private memories that do not remain as document records for certain issues such as disasters, calamity, wars, and terrorism. They are posted and preserved as digital records such as photographs, videos, SNS and etc.

Reinforcement through Capacity Building

The most of the UNESCO Memory of the Worlds are centered on European and North American member states, with more than 80 countries that have never been listed. Currently, UNESCO is unable to support vulnerable areas with limited budget and personnel. It is the goal to contribute to the restoration of the regional balance of the MoW program by intensively growing the capacity of vulnerable areas for preservation and utilization of documentary heritage through related programs at the Centre.

Analyze documentary heritage DB and monitoring performance to operate capacity-building programs in areas where registration and management of record heritages is vulnerable. Professional training program is required to manage documentary heritage management personnel and records management system operators around the world to respond to environmental changes such as IT development and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
In cooperation with the departments of higher education institutions related to the management and preservation of documentary heritage at home and abroad, we conclude the business agreements and entrust the curriculum so that they can be linked to employment and major activities in the field of records heritage after graduation to motivate promotion of mutual understanding by holding cultural heritage youth cultural camps.

Building Information Hubs and Networks

Develop content via driving exchange cooperation between national institutions by establishing a network of heritage sites on a new theme of subject across regional and / or diverse regions, and by coordinating joint listings of documentary heritage with high conflicts between countries. Create a virtuous cycle structure that expands project performance by making use cases.

Establish a variety of subjects related to records and heritage for use by UNESCO and experts in the field of documentary heritage. Establish 'record directory' information, publish and provide basic information to documentary heritage related organizations, libraries, universities, public institutions, and specialized companies.
It is an international record digital platform that can provide information to the whole world through digitalized documentary heritage by establishing a platform that integrates DB of various documentary heritage fields around the world, and will continue to promote the role of strengthening the Centre’s international status in the long term.
Promote international consultation and standardization of digitalization required for the digitalization of existing records or the discovery and registration of digital records. Establish a bottom-up DB system environment that can be continuously upgraded and open to all.
In order to succeed the UNESCO MoW Forum, which has been discontinued since 2012, it is necessary to promote an international 'record forum' with comprehensive access to the entire documentary heritage, MoW related policies, institutions and IT technology education. It presents approaches and alternatives to timely international issues related to documentary heritages
Issue regular online newsletters to provide timely information on the Centre’s policies, projects and events and international trends related to MoW. Operate as an online publishing system rather than a publication format for quick distribution to relevant organizations and professionals around the world.Shortcut

Content Development &
Utilization and Further Implementation

UNESCO encourages the spread of a culture that improves accessibility, understands value and preserves records, in its "Recommendations on the Preservation and Access to Documentary Heritage, including digital forms". In the form of completely preserving the documentary heritage and providing it as it is, there is a limit in the recognition of its value and meaning, and thus, there is a growing expectation for a complex role such as experience, education, tourism, and industry utilizing the heritage.

Develop and distribute educational content using IT technologies such as VR, AR, and MR. It can be used by global citizens, improves the accessibility of future generations and underdeveloped nations, and improves basic knowledge and understanding of documentary heritage.Shortcut
Collaborate with global IT companies, portals, and multinational companies on the basis of MoW DB and digital data established as a monitoring business to develop original technology specific to records heritageShortcut
Shortly after its launch, the 2022 MoW Program will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in order to raise awareness. There is a need for 30th Anniversary Exhibition, International Forum, etc. and publication of Memory of the World DB, Digital Materials White Paper, Professional and Institutional Directory is suggested.