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ICDH hosts its 2nd Board Meeting - Post view
ICDH hosts its 2nd Board Meeting
Writer ICDH Date 2020/11/13 View 527

▲ The 2nd Board Meeting of ICDH

ICDH hosted its 2nd Board Meeting on Nov 13th in Seoul.

ICDH board members: Lee Soyeon (Director of the National Archives of the Ministry of the Interior and Saftey), Seo Eunji (Director of Public Culture and Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Han Beumdeuk (Mayor of Cheongju City), Kim Kwangho (Secretary-General of Korean National Commission for UNESCO) and Suh Kyungho (Honorary Professor of Seoul National University) attended the meeting and resolved on proposed agendas with further discussion on the centre's future developments. 
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